Barratt Manchester are driving force behind fitness in Clitheroe schools

One hundred Clitheroe pupils from Saint Augustine’s and Ribblesdale high schools are now able to access Roefield Community Leisure Centre’s sporting workshops, thanks to much needed funds donated to pay for transport.

A dedicated coach service has been funded by Barratt Manchester, via our community initiative, the Legacy Programme.

Neil Ashworth, Roefield’s Sports Promotion and Development Officer, successfully applied to Barratt for funding of the service, which will allow students access to a range of sporting workshops that are not available within their schools.


Roefield leisure centre is a charitable, not for profit organisation that has been working with schools in the Clitheroe area for the last four years, encouraging children to get involved within sport and promoting healthy lifestyles from a young age.

Paddy Haslam- 15 and  Debbie Ward from the Ribble Meadows development
Paddy Haslam- 15 and Debbie Ward from the Ribble Meadows development

The six, one hour workshops will allow students who are not currently involved in sport, the chance to participate in non-traditional activities such as archery, body combat, weight lifting and simulated rowing. The aim of the scheme is to make sporting activity fun and part of an everyday routine, helping participants to go on to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Commenting on the funds from Barratt Manchester, Neil Ashworth said: “We are extremely grateful to The Barratt Legacy Programme for its generous contribution which has allowed us to continue to work with local schools. Encouraging sport from a young age increases the chances of children adopting healthy attitudes and habits that continue well into their future.”

Barratt Legacy was set up by Barratt Manchester MD- Neil Goodwin, to support and enhance the communities in which it builds homes. The purpose of the Barratt Legacy Programme is to find opportunities where it can leave a lasting legacy.

Sales Director, Michaela Lancaster said:

It’s always a privilege to work closely with community initiatives that enable us to make a really positive contribution in the long term. We’re currently building homes at our nearby development, Ribble Meadows, near Clitheroe, so we’re delighted to have been able to support such an excellent local initiative.”