St Martins View road naming a tribute to former site

A new road name has been unveiled at our St Martins View development in Rochdale, which pays tribute to the history of the site.

The development was built on the site of the former Whipp and Bourne Factory, suppliers of marine switchgear for major ships, such as the Titanic, Ark Royal and the Royal Yacht Britannia.

The new road leads from the main Manchester Road in to the development and has been called Ark Royal Avenue.

ark royal

We built 138 new homes at St Martin’s View, which sold out last year. The road names were chosen by Rochdale Borough Council, local Councillors and Barratt Homes to reflect the heritage of the setting.

A parade took place to mark the occasion which was attended by a range of dignitaries, including local councillors, members of the armed forces, veterans and former Whipp and Bourne employees.

Michaela Lancaster, Sales Director, said: “We’re delighted we could help preserve the history of Rochdale and the Whipp and Bourne Factory through the road name. This is a remarkable estate and the homes we have built here reflect that.

“We hope the residents here will be proud of the heritage of St Martin’s View and remember the important work that was carried out here.”