Trentham-based charity Douglas Macmillan Hospice has received a helping hand from Barratt Homes in the form of a £1,000 donation towards its maintenance costs.

Douglas Macmillan, now merged with local children’s hospice, The Donna Louise, receive the grand gesture from Barratt Homes as a contribution towards its specialised focus on hospice care for children.

Although the merge has strengthened the financial situation of the hospice, it is still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the donation from Barratt Homes will support its daily operations.

Jill Bowler, Head of Legacies, Individual Giving & Trusts at Douglas Macmillan Hospice, said: “Here at Dougie Mac we enable children, young adults, adults and their families to make the most of the time that they have left together.

“We are the only hospice for children and young people in our area. When families come to us it may be that their child has very recently been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition and they are reeling from the shock and grief. With the support of Dougie Mac we enable families to find a sense of normality when life is far from normal.

“This donation will be used to provide specialised palliative care for children. Being, or caring for, a child with a life-limiting condition is a scary and often lonely journey. The support we offer helps families to cope with the unimaginable. It gives them a break from caring for a very sick child 24/7 and it allows them time to just enjoy being a family together.”

Douglas Macmillan Hospice was formed in 1973 but, in the 48 years since their founding, it is unlikely the charity ever experienced circumstances such as those faced all over the world in the past year.

Like many other charities Douglas Macmillan found its ability to help those in need inhibited whilst also being unable to properly raise funds to provide vital services. The aforementioned merger between the two hospices helped secure a future and its ability to serve the local community.

Jill continued: “The impact of the global pandemic was profound and unprecedented, altering so many of the personal freedoms we had previously taken for granted.

“However it has been crucial to protect the most vulnerable in our society and so we met the challenge by adapting our care model and our fundraising approach. We’re proud to say that we continued to support children, young adults, adults and their families during the whole pandemic, and continue to do so.

“We will continue to rely on the kindness and generosity of our fabulous supporters to help us raise these vital funds, and so we would like to say a big thank you to Barratt Homes for its donation.”

The donation comes as part of the Barratt Homes Legacy scheme which aims to support local charities and organisations in areas in which it builds.

Neil Goodwin, Managing Director at Barratt Homes Manchester, said: “We are delighted to have been able to support Douglas Macmillan Hospice with the funds to continue its incredible and vital work in Trentham and the wider Stoke-on-Trent area.

“It’s more important than ever that we support those in need, and when it comes to hospice care, it can make a world of difference for the families involved. Douglas Macmillan has done a fantastic job so far and we are proud to support their efforts.”