Barratt Homes Manchester has donated £1,000 to Once Upon a Smile to help with running costs to support bereaved families.

After its founding in 2011, Once Upon a Smile made it their mission to offer practical and emotional support to those faced with having to adjust to life without a loved one and the housebuilder’s contribution will go towards the running of the bereavement centre, Sidley House.
One of the main outlets of the charity’s support is Sidley House, a dedicated children’s bereavement centre that encourages a healthy, safe environment.

As a result of the pandemic, many of the charity’s fundraising efforts faced cancellation and the donation from Barratt Homes will be used to cover the cost of its utilities and other expenditures to ensure they can continue their outstanding work in the community.

Angela Griffiths, Corporate and Community Manager at Once Upon a Smile, said: “At Once Upon a Smile, we ensure that support is tailored to the needs of each family that we support. We have been supporting bereaved families for over 10 years and pride ourselves on having open communication with the families we support.

“This contribution to our running costs from Barratt Homes will enable the fundraising team to restart events, which will enable us to once again build up funding to cover the monthly running costs of Sidley House.”

One of the charity’s main focuses is ensuring they have ties with the local community, with emphasis placed on working closely with schools and local authorities to ensure the health and wellbeing of the children.

Angela added: “We want to ensure that schools and local authorities are aware of the support we provide so they are able to refer families for bereavement support. Prior to the pandemic, we supported children via 1-1 sessions and held many community groups and activities, which were accessed by over 140 bereaved children a month across Greater Manchester.

“Supporting small local charities enables them to continue providing support to those who require support within the local community as a lot of small charities like ours do not receive government funding.

“We are very grateful for this donation and would like to thank Barratt Homes for this contribution. This funding will enable Once Upon a Smile to continue support bereaved families at their time of need.”

Neil Goodwin, Managing Director of Barratt Homes Manchester, said: “As a leading developer it is really important that we support the community in the areas in which we build.

“Once Upon a Smile is doing vital work in helping families that are suffering from personal loss, so we are very proud to support them in return. We wish them the best of luck and, in difficult times like these, we’re encouraging more people to support their local community where possible.”

For more information about Once Upon a Smile, visit https://www.onceuponasmile.org.uk/.